Implant retained Dentures

Implant retained Dentures

Losing teeth can be quite traumatizing for the patient. It leads to a hindered ability to bite and chew food, displeasing aesthetics of the smile, and a lack of confidence. Together, it can make the patient feel too conscious while interacting with people and attending social gatherings.
Replacing the natural teeth to perfection can only be done by an experienced dentist. Dr. Trushar has treated hundreds of patients with missing teeth over his long-spanning career. He takes a detailed and highly-precise approach to treat his patients, which gives out the best results possible.

How can multiple teeth be replaced?

Sometimes, a large number of teeth may be extracted due to external trauma, cavities, oral infections, etc. Having to interact with people with most of the teeth missing can be disheartening for any person as it can lead to a lot of embarrassment. Hence, we suggest our patients get their teeth replaced by implant-retained dentures, which is, by far, the best option to replace several teeth.

What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are replacement teeth that are mounted on just four to five dental implants. An entire ridge of teeth can be replaced in this way, which makes it one of the most effective, stable, and aesthetically pleasing options available at the moment. Unlike conventional dentures, they are firmly fixed to the implants, which are, in turn, attached to the jawbone.

Why should you choose implant-retained dentures?

  • Losing so many teeth will leave several gaps in the jawbone where the tooth roots used to exist. This can cause jawbone deterioration and bring about a change in the shape of the jaws and face. The implants do a great job of holding the jawbone intact without allowing it to deteriorate much.
  • This method of replacing multiple teeth is much better than traditional dentures in terms of strength, stability, comfort, and aesthetics. Since the dentures are fixed to the implants, they wouldn’t loosen or slip off while talking or chewing food.
  • The aesthetics of the teeth is just amazing. They are made from tooth-colored ceramic material, which makes them highly customizable.
  • The life expectancy of implant-retained dentures is quite amazing. With optimum care, they can last for several years together.

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