keeping teeth healthy

Top 5 Dental Practices for Keeping Teeth Healthy

Keeping Teeth Healthy Keeping healthy teeth reduces the risk of stroke, respiratory diseases, and even diabetes. Gingivitis, gum disease caused by plaque, is known to cause pregnant women a risk of early delivery or of having babies with a low birth weight. Some studies even suggest a link between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. It is…

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teeth cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Tips From Your Dentist

Teeth Cleaning Tips If you struggle with cavities and tooth decay and are sick of getting bad news at the dentist, you need to revamp your dental hygiene with these teeth cleaning tips. Getting your teeth cleaned and your mouth examined twice a year by your dentist is essential. But these products can help you monitor…

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tooth implants

Tooth Implants Offer Many Benefits

Tooth Implants Having missing or damaged teeth can keep you from smiling or even avoid social events. When you’re toothless, your face can sag, looking unattractive  and hollow. But thanks to tooth implants you can keep your natural facial shape and your beautiful smile. As a result, you can feel confident about your appearance, giving…

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bad breath

A History of Bad Breath

Bad Breath What is bad breath and why does it irk us so much when our friends, family, and colleagues have it? Like anything else, the history of how we’ve come to hate bad breath can help us understand the unpleasant occurrence today. In the 1920’s, advertising became an extremely important tool to help get people…

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baby teeth

Baby Teeth Have Permanent Effects: Why Taking Care of Your Kids’ Teeth is Vital for Their Health

Baby Teeth: Taking Care of Kids’ Teeth is Vital for Their Health School. Sports practice. Music Lessons. Religious activities. Your family has a lot going on, and it can be tough to get everything scheduled. So skipping regular pediatric dentist appointments every six months can be tempting — after all, the teeth will fall out before the kid’s…

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Common Reasons for Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain Many people who’ve experienced tooth pain know how uncomfortable it can be. However, not all tooth pain is excruciating. While some types of tooth pain are mild, others are ruthless and can signal that there’s something in the body that needs attention and correction. Here are some of the most common causes for tooth…

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